Giving Back

Hope of Life

I wanted to give back, and I have this web design as a source of income. 

I decided that for every website that I produce, I am going to donate $50 to a cause, but which one?

Now remember I'm a dancer, which means that I drink A LOT of water. 

I decided that I wanted to help provide clean water.

Hope of Life is a non-profit organization that provides clean water to people in Guatemala.

So every time I create a website, 50 people will get clean water for a year.

Thank you for helping me make positive change in others lives.

$50 = 50 people with clean water for a year

Or, $1 means that 1 individual gets clean water for a year. Pretty neat huh?

Hope of Life - Group Around Water.png

Because of your work with me, 650 people have received clean water for a year!

Visit their website at

Hope of Life - Logo.png

"The mission that Hope of Life longs to share with you is that simple. As you join us in saving the lives of people in Guatemala, whatever their circumstance, you are helping share God’s love and the message of the gospel—bringing hope to people in both practical and spiritual ways."

- The Mission

Hope of Life