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Argo Dance + Fitness

Argo Dance + Fitness is where you can learn to dance West Coast Swing in Norway with Ardena Gojani.




Ardena has a wonderful love of a world-traveling and adventure. Her website has many touches to reflect this found throughout her website.


With her website she has been able to:

  • Promote preregistration

  • Highlight guest instructors

  • Share more of her story with her students

Visit her website at

I wanted a fresh new website that was visually engaging and fresh. I didn't have theme in mind, but when I saw what Elyse had designed I loved it! She got my personality and I had a good time sharing fun facts about what I love! If you're considering making a website, I recommend you go for it.

- Ardena Gojani

Director of Argo Dance + Fitness

Greater Boston Area, MA

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