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Dance Boston

Dance Boston is a weekly Tuesday Night classes and social dance evening.

Old School &

New School



Bill Cameron and Yuna Davtyan have been teaching and/or dancing for decades. This is what they look forward to each week. 

West Coast Swing

With their website they have been able to:

  • Promote new aspects such as a performance team

  • Have a streamlined website to communicate info

  • Try new ideas such and new social media outlets 

Visit their website at

When you're busy trying to work your full-time day jobs, run two dance events and spend time with your family, spending time on a website for your weekly dance can be tough. We're so glad we were able to give Elyse the reigns on the website so we could focus our energy on everything else. We're so glad we did! People love the redesigned website and so do we.

- Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan

Co-directors of Dance Boston

Greater Boston Area, MA

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