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Dance With Linds

Lindsay Mistretta has been dancing since age 2 and has never stopped! Her fun, insightful and personable teaching style will have you dancing in no time.



Joy in Community

It was great hearing about Lindsay's experiences around the world for West Coast Swing. Whether it's New England, California or overseas, Lindsay is training and sharing this dance!


With her website she has been able to:

  • Launch/promote her career interest

  • Share more with the dance community she loves

  • Have a better communication with students

Visit her website at

I'm so thankful for this girl - I needed someone like Elyse to help me stay on track. There was a nice balance between ideas and changes I had and designs she suggested. I love my clean and simple site.

- Lindsay Mistretta

Professional West Coast Swing Instructor

Greater Boston Area, MA

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