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Summer Hummer

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What is Summer Hummer?

Summer Hummer is an annual West Coast Swing dance event run in August in Massachusetts.

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New Look

Just like the feel of their summer event, working on this project was a party of fun!

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Summer Hummer - Staff.png
Summer Hummer - Staff.png
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"Summer Hummer is a great party that gathers dancers from all over the world to share a great time, outstanding instructors, lots of fun, you go once and you want to go back again and again."

- Patricia G.

Elyse is so easy to work with; we know that if we need an update done she'll do it or if we need her to take the lead then she can handle it. It's nice to have our event represented in a way that makes it easy for people to learn about it and then join us!

- Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan

Co-Directors of Summer Hummer

Summer Hummer - Homepage Middle.png
Advanced Jnj 434.jpg

With their website they have been able to:

Increase hotel room block sales

Promote the staff and event better

Communicate faster and clearer with attendees

Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

-Rose Kennedy

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