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The Dancing Agent

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Who is The Dancing Agent?

Lindsay Mistretta is a Real Estate Agent with a passion for dancing: she is

The Dancing (Real Estate) Agent.

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New Site

Lindsay and I have worked together before, so I was able to get her site most of the way there, and she was able to tweak the last bits to make it just what she was looking for in a new website.

Look & Feel


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"She (Lindsay) was patient, kind, and indulged my (literally) hundreds of questions. Her personality and knowledge are brilliantly refreshing in the cutthroat Boston real estate market, and I absolutely couldn’t recommend her more."

- David H.

I had already worked with Elyse for my personal dance website, so it was an easy choice to choose her again! I was able to do more editing on my own this time which felt great and empowering. It's been a great learning experience working with Elyse and if I need another site you know who'll I'll be asking!

- Lindsay Mistretta

The Dancing Agent & West Coast Swing Instuctor

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Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES.

- William James